In September 2013 eleven families entered a covenant with Midwest Church Extension (MCE) to work together to establish a Bible teaching church in North County.  

In our early days we agreed we would be known as Heritage Bible Church (HBC).  The name Heritage reminds us that our heritage is the Word of God (Psalm 119:111).   Today we continue under the spiritual leadership and oversight of Midwest Church Extension (MCE). 

In October 2015 God blessed us with our first full time pastor, Dave Georgeff and his wife Phyllis. Pastor Dave, MCE’s Pastor Henry Vosburgh, and MCE’s Pastor Tim Jeske form our elder leadership. 

MCE is committed, in the coming days, to helping HBC establish our own local elders and deacons according to the biblical standards of Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3.  When MCE assesses HBC as ready to function as an independent church under local elders, they will 'graduate' us to that status.  

We are committed to expository preaching of the Bible, God’s Word.  Our doctrinal statement highlights our commitment to the literal, historical, grammatical interpretation of God’s Word as the final authority for all matters of the church and life in general. 

We are a member of IFCA International, a worldwide affiliation of churches with whom we share our doctrinal position, with which we enjoy fellowship several times a year and from whom we have access to sound teaching resources. 

Heritage Bible Church exists to bring glory to God by preaching the truth of the Bible so believers are equipped to worship God, serve God, serve each other, bring others to Christ, and plant churches throughout the world.   We welcome you to join us in this exciting, important work to which God has called us via His Word, the Bible.